The Future of Journalism is Here: It’s Your Smartphone


In late March I traveled to Dublin, Ireland to attend the first global Mobile Journalism Conference, or MOJOCON for short, all put together by Glen Mulcahy, a journalist from RTE Ireland. I have attended various conferences over the years and they have a tendency to end up as a flash of memories of airport snafus,…

Filming Gretchen Baer and Paint Your Town

(posted on behalf of Bill) In Bisbee this weekend with my graduate students from NAU. They rocked. We filmed my poker group and the amazing and talented Gretchen Baer in 48 hours. I will keep filming Gretchen as she takes her painting talents and artistic soul on the road in Cochise County.

Mirus Premiere Issue

(posted on behalf of Bill) Click on this page and see this new innovative online magazine MIRUS. In this issue they focus on a specific neighborhood in Sarajevo: Marijin Dvor, which happens to be the neighborhood where I lived during the war. It is a great issue and if you want to read and watch an interview with Lejla and Selma,…

State board blocks copper leaching operation in Florence

(posted on behalf of Bill)

Check out this story: State board blocks copper leaching operation in Florence

I like being pleasantly surprised in this hard to describe state of Arizona.…

Giant hole continues to swallow up a toxic city in Peru

(posted on behalf of Bill)

Copper miners...I don't mean the folks who drive trucks and punch a clock, but the ones that run copper mines, never cease to amaze me. They only speak about the good they do to communities. Check out the following hyperlink: 

Silver Medal for "Boom, Bust, Boom"

"Boom, Bust, Boom" was a recent recipient of a silver medal from the Living Now Book Awards. I've posted the press release from my publisher below:

Mongolian Mine Endangering Nomads, Sounds Like Other Mining Fights

Over the past 18 months I have done talks regarding "Boom, Bust, Boom" at many institutions, town halls, and universities. Sometimes in the audience sit mining officials who shake their heads when I list the environmental disasters they are responsible…

Recent Blog About Copper Mining Featured at the Huffington Post

Boom Bust Boom

Last month I wrote a blog that was shared at the Huffington Post titled "When The Levee Breaks." At the time news was just hitting the media of the mining disaster…

Copper Mining in the Methow Valley

Today I was rooting around and found a piece from Seattle Times reporter Craig Welch about a proposed copper mine in the Methow Valley of Washignton State. Yet another Canadian copper mining company taking advantage of our archaic 1872 Mining Law. The potential silver lining is that a lot of writers and environmentalists live in the Methow Valley - perhaps a poor strategic location…

Copper Mining in Smith River, Montana


The latest copper mining issue to get some much deserved attention from the media spotlight is the proposed Black Butte copper mining project near the Smith River watershed. 

Readers familiar to the proposed Pebble Mine, and other proposed mines across North America won't be surprised to learn that a mining company out of Canada is involved. The issue is similar to the proposed…